Language Communities and Information Flow on Twitter

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Inspired by an awesome visualization by Eric Fischer, I decided to create a map of tweets which represents the language communities and the information flow on Twitter. Each tweet is represented on the map as a point whose color is determined by the language settings of its creator. The arcs represent retweets; in this way it was possible to visualize how the information flows between the different language communities on Twitter.

To achieve this result I downloaded geolocated tweets for 4 days from the Twitter  Streaming API. The total number of retrieved tweets is 247850 (4632 of which are retweets). Gephi was used to produce the final visualization.

From this analysis, some interesting aspects emerge:

First of all it's possible to notice that English, Spanish and Portuguese tweets make up the 80% of the total number of tweets.

Moreover some interesting patterns have been highlighted by the map visualization:
  • In some countries and areas (e.g. China, Africa, Australia, North Korea) Twitter is poorly diffused. 
  • Information in English flows mainly from UK and US to UK and US themselves, but also to Philippines, Malaysia, India, Norway, West and South Africa.
  • England has the highest density of tweets and  "outgoing" information.
  • Tweets in Spanish flow from and to Spain, South America, Mexico, but also California.
  • Most Japanese have set their Twitter language to Japanese, but they "import" many tweets created by English-speaking users.

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  1. Ciao, ottimo lavoro. Hai usato il Geo Layout? In questo caso hai caricato una tabella di edges con le info di geolocation?
    Grazie per il chiarimento.
    PS se ti va di vedere un mio vecchio lavoro lo trovi qui