Visualize the Relationships among the Characters of a Movie

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Here I will describe how to visualize the relationships among the characters of a movie or book using Gephi.

Gephi ( is a software for the analysis and visualization of graphs, available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

First of all you will need to choose a book or movie and write down the relationships between the characters. 

Then you will need to open Gephi and create a new Project (File -> New Project). You will then have to switch to the "Data Laboratory" view, click on Nodes and start adding the nodes to the graph (that is the characters of the novel/movie). When you have added all the nodes you can click on Edges and start adding the edges (the relationships) between the nodes (characters), simply choosing them from a drop down list (See Figure).

You can choose the relationship to be directed or undirected (if the relationship is mutual).

If you go back to the Overview tab you will see your network visualized. In the example below I changed the color of the nodes in the Data Laboratory, making the males blue and the females pink.

You now just need to apply a layout algorithm (choose it from the Layout drop-down list on the left) and visualize the result in the Preview view. You can then export your visualization using the command 
File -> Export. In the example below I visualized the network of relationships in the book "Les Miserabales", using the Alphabetical Sorter layout (

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